“My name is Kara Pirolo and this is my blog.”

Wow, that was some novice writing, but that is what I am. I took on this adventure of writing a blog because of two reasons; my love for the written word and food.

My Background

I am a mixture of cultures, my father is Italian and grew up in Molenbeek, Brussels. My mother is a real Antwerp city woman who moved to Wallonia and works there. They are now divorced but they both gave me the best of their origins. I have no single mother tongue, I speak both French and Dutch on a daily basis. So why write in English? Because I  fell in love with this language. I studied it during a summer in Oxford, I started a teaching training in English and my, the books! Instead of choosing between my primary languages, I opted for English. So mind the mistakes and weird expressions .

I also have 3 younger sisters. Alaana is the second and we share the same parents. We don’t look alike but have  similarities that can’t be denied. I also find in her a best friend. Casandra is the third, from that point we no longer share blood but we do share the sister bond. She’s still trying to find her way, and hopefully she will. Alexandra is the youngest and will always be referred to as “la petite”. She already stands on both her feet with head tall. My last two sisters come from my strong stepmother, and they all share the same stubbornness (in the good way).

I now live in the center of Brussels with my boyfriend, Antoine. We took on this adventure on not such a long time ago because we both love Brussels. He is my biggest critique when it comes to food, but that is what I need. He guides me and reassures me in times of stress or doubt.

I also found a job here at Elisabeth Chocolatier. More can be found about this on my Story Page.

The inner-me

When growing up, the battle everyone has to go through, I was lost during that process. I was the kid in class who would dream her days away. Who made up stories, read books and watched a lot of movies. I never really found a place for me. True, it’s easy for me to talk to people because I’m not shy, I’m even mostly identified as an introvert. But if I had to choose between a night of partying or staying home, I’d stay home and be accompanied by great writers like Jane Austin, J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, James Joyce and the occasional Shakespeare. It was even my father who forced me when I was 16 to go out and have fun with my friends. I did have a few friends, but it was more like they tolerated me than really wanting to know me. But I didn’t mind, as long as I could stay myself, I was fine.

During that time I discovered my love for writing and food. I started cooking for my family more and more, started writing out the stories I had in my mind. I lost this part of me for a while but now I want to bring it all out again, hints the starting of this blog.

My love for food

There are so many people who love food, love the process of making food and who blog about this. But recently, it hit me, why shouldn’t I write about the things I love because there are already so many blogs out there? Food is all about sharing, so with that feeling in mind, I launched myself into this adventure.

Love for food is present in my family. My grandfather and father both founded restaurants and love to cook. I grew up in the kitchen of my father’s restaurant, watching the cooks prepare dish after dish. It’s there where I made my first chocolate mousse and also tiramisu (Anecdote time; I pulled out the whisk to early and splashed the entire kitchen including my father with the cream). I started cooking quite early and experimenting with the stuff we had in our cupboards, sometimes creating appalling stuff. Baking was something I started to aid my father for a Christmas party we were holding at home. The first bakes I made where a Charlotte Russe, a Lemon drizzle cake and a chocolate brownie. They had a huge success, and I’ve watched and made so many bakes since then that I now can say I have some experience.

What to find on this blog?

I plan to bake recipes from cook books and give my opinion about them and maybe tips that are not found in the cook books. You’ll also find my recipes for bakes that I created or  where I put a twist on a classic bake.

I’d like to be there for my eventual readers, if you found that a recipe doesn’t work for you, or you have questions about a particular bake or you want me to tackle a recipe so you can have my opinion, I want to be present. I also see myself learning a lot thanks to readers, I still have a lot to learn, and welcome opinions.

I hope this site will make you love baking the same way I do and that we will be in a great process of learning.