Belgian Speculoos All Year Long

Speculoos, a Belgian biscuit made with great butter and cinnamon. Also associated to a Holiday Saint Nicolas, but here we eat it all year long. In most restaurants you get the famous Lotus Speculoos with your coffee and the best way to savor it, is by dipping it! It’s also known that our elders “steel” this biscuit to keep in their purses for “You never know’s”.

We sell this amazing biscuit at Elisabeth Chocolatier. Most tourist ask about it because other than here, they eat it on special occasions or don’t even have it in their country. Well, I always have these stocked in my cupboard for my “You never know’s” and today I just felt like making a pie! I just had to think, how would I incorporate this biscuit into a pie and thought back to my Poire Bourdaloue. I started with a sweet pastry dough base and tweeked the frangipane paste to my liking. I made not only one, but two variations. Here they are, hope you’ll love them!

Your Turn; The Recipe

The ingredients;

Sweet Pastry Dough

Speculoos mix

  • 100 gr grounded Speculoos
  • 100 gr of sugar
  • 40 gr soft butter
  • 1 egg
  • 60 gr plain flour


  • Or 1 Apple
  • Or 50 gr of frozen red fruits

The Process;

Pre-heat your oven at 180 °C.

Make the Sweet Pastry dough as instructed in the link. It’s better to make this the day before but if you do make it on the spot (like I usually do), roll it into a ball and wrap it in cling film and put aside in your fridge.

For the Speculoos mixture, I do it more like a one pot mixture. Weigh the grounded Speculoos, the sugar and the butter into a bowl one by one. Beat this until you have a smooth consistency, then incorporate the egg. Once the egg is fully incorporated, you can sieve in the flour and blend the ingredients together. Put a cling film over the preparation and set aside.

Take the shape you want to fill. – For recipes like this one with a hard crust it’s better to have a tin where you can remove the bottom or a circle without bottom. For this recipe I used an 10 cm wide circle. But you can make this in any shape, as long as you keep an eye on the cooking time.  – Place the shape onto a tray lined with baking parchment , ready to be filled with Sweet Pastry Dough. To roll out and fill a shape, please read the instructions in the article. Don’t forget to prick your bottom.

Once your shape has been lined with the dough, fill it up with the Speculoos mixture until it reaches 2/3 of your shape. For this recipe I added slices of Apple on top of the cake. But for my sake, you can add some compote or apple jam on the bottom. I truly believe it would give a nice flavor.

For the second option, I added some blitzed red fruits in between the Speculoos paste and some on top. It gave some more kick with the acidity of the fruit, a nice option.

It took 40 min for my choice of shape to bake. But if it’s a flatter pie you want to make, I’d check at 25 min if it’s baked trough. Watch out! The Speculoos paste can still be quite humid once baked, if you bake it for to long, it will get very dry and crumbly.

Hope you enjoy this with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Have fun making these!







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