Art Nouveau Evening: BOZAR Brasserie

When you arrive by train in Brussels Central Station you are instantly being submerged in the Art Nouveau style that can be seen around Brussels. 

If like me, you try to go on foot towards your Restaurants, I can suggest you a route towards BOZAR Brasserie. We strolled in our City and walked by Central Station and the Ravenstein Gallery, up to the BOZAR. All in the famous Horta style. 

When we arrived we were a little taken aback by the décor of the restaurant. The yellow haze and very light decorations gave a certain impression. 

I reminded myself that this One Michelin Star establishement was still branded as a Brasserie. This further transpired into our evening’s menu. 

I have to say that the entree was a bold choice of the cook, her specialty, as announced by our waiter. We, as adventourus eaters, didn’t mind it. But the table next to us sent their entree back. What was it, you may wonder. It is called ‘Fromage de Tete’. Hu?! It’s an old Brussels Brasserie dish where all the parts of a pig’s head are diced and put into gelatin. Well, it was interesting. I ate it all but had a feeling something was missing. 

For the main course we were served something more conventional. A duck filet, glazed with miso and seasonal vegetables. It was nicely presented and it tasted amazing! There was just one problem. The duck was for me to thick and without an appropriate knife, not so easy to cut. All the vegetables were delicious, they were crunchy and had a pack of flavour. 

The desert was Antoine’s favourite dish of the evening. They served a cacao ice-cream, that for dark chocolate lovers must taste like heaven. For me it was the crunchy praliné that was on point. 

We had a lovely evening and ate well. I’d recommend this restaurant to people who like Brasserie food with some glam. 

Also one of the best parts of the evening was that I won 5€ from a bet! I was sure that something was meringue and Antoine was not, ha! I won, happy dance! 

For me there was just a small chip in the cup. The food that was presented was not really far reached. There weren’t flavours that took me aback or made me want to ask more. I had higher expectations for this One Michelin Star establishement and maybe I shouldn’t have had. 

All in all, good place, good food, Art Nouveau all the way and a friendly staff. 

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