Welcome to my website Folks!

I plan to bake recipes from cook books and give my opinion about them and maybe tips that are not found in the cook books. You’ll also find my recipes for bakes that I created or  where I put a twist on a classic bake. You can find this under the categories Recipes, Food Stories and Food Science.

As a Bruxelloise, I’ll also give my opinions on the numerous places where you can dine, lunch or even have a nice breakfast. Brussels offers a lot of diversity and in Belgium we are known for our “Bon Vivant” spirit. In the image of that, there are a lot of nice places where to eat and have a nice experience. You can find this under the category of Eating in Brussels.

I’d also like to be there for my eventual readers, if you found that a recipe doesn’t work for you, or you have questions about a particular bake or you want me to tackle a recipe so you can have my opinion, I want to be present. I also see myself learning a lot thanks to readers, I still have a lot to learn, and welcome opinions.

I hope this site will make you love baking the same way I do and that we will be in a great learning process.